Do you want to sell airsoft patches or army emblems for your store or web store?
Van Os Imports is your wholesaler in airsoft patches and army emblems. We have more than 1300 different designs of PVC Patches and are still developing more. You can easily create an account and order PVC for in you shop/store. All airsoft patches and army emblems are made from PVC and the backsides are equipped with Velcro. This Velcro (hook) makes it possible to apply the patches to their gear which is also equipped with Velcro (loop). The advantage of Velcro is that during airsoft skirms, the opponents can easily swap their Velcro patches/emblems with each other in order to keep the teams rotating. In this way, the airsoft players can use for example, also airsoft patches from different countries.

Which army emblems and airsoft patches do we have in our assortment?
Van Os Imports has various army emblems and airsoft patches in its assortment. One of the airsoft patches is a skull and bones emblem. This is a skull which is visible on various army emblems and airsoft patches. This skull represents the reminder of our mortal existence in this physical world. It also emphasizes your own mortality and the essence of life. Meanwhile these airsoft patches represents also the negative side, dead.  Other airsoft patches and army emblems which Van Os Imports offers, are emblems of various countries. For i.e. we have army patches from The Netherlands, Russia, United States, France and Denmark. Not only defense forces personnel are wearing emblems, also civilians are wearing them. They are wearing them on their denim jacket, coat or sweater. Because more and more consumers are wearing these airsoft emblems, you can adapt to this demand as a store or web store. We offer also airsoft patches with different kinds of weapons on it. Airsoft players are able to buy various kinds of airsoft weapons. They can match the patches with the corresponding weapons. For i.e. Van Os imports has also airsoft patches with an Uzi assault rifle on it. There are also airsoft patches with automatic weapons pictured on it, like the F2000 and M200. These are weapons which needed to be operated with both hands.

Army emblems for collectors
You as a store or web store can also adapt to the demand of army emblems. There are more and more collectors in The Netherlands who are collecting military items like army emblems. Van Os has a large assortment of army emblems which are made of the best fabrics, this ensures the longevity of the emblems.

Buying Airsoft patches and army emblems
Do you have as a store or web store already decided which airsoft patches and army emblems are interesting for your assortment? If so, then you can purchase these patches and emblems online. Behind every airsoft patch and army emblems lies a story, we are pleased to tell you the background of it. If it’s about an airsoft patch with a specific weapon pictured on it, or about an army emblem with a strange symbol on it from which you don’t know exactly the meaning of it. With our army and airsoft expertise, we are pleased to help you further. If you have any inquiries regarding our airsoft patches or do you want to know which army emblems we would recommend you for your store? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We are eager to help you further.